In September and October 2007, Gay Meadow was sadly demolished. These images were not published in the Goodbye Gay Meadow book

Above: A view of the demolition of Gay Meadow from the Centre Stand

Below: A 20 picture gallery documenting the demolition of Gay Meadow

A panoramic view of Gay Meadow from The Riverside looking across to the main stands, with the Wakeman School on the left hand side. 

07 October 2007 – The floodlights are sent crashing to the ground, changing the Shrewsbury skyline forever.

After clearing the site, new homes and apartments were constructed.

“After documenting the new stadium being constructed from day one, the excitement of the book arriving, photographing the demolition of Gay Meadow was well and truly horrible. Awful. Depressive. It took me about five years to get around to editing these images as I did not want to look at them.”

Matthew Ashton GGM author and Shrewsbury Town photographer

And Shrewsbury Town stated life in a new home, on the outskirts of town. Although the stadium name has been sponsored, it began as the NEW MEADOW. 

Many of the items at Gay Meadow were sold to fans and collectors at an auction. The football club donated seats to Meole Brace Bowling Club and to Welsh football club, Bala Town where some of the seats are used by spectators watching Welsh Premier League football.

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